While much of the progress of any field of endeavor is driven by the prospect of commercial gain, a great deal remains to be accomplished by the non-profit community. Thus the Pickfair Institute expects to devote much of its effort to what may be called, the ‘orphan’ projects that, while important, tend not to be addressed by the ‘for profit’ community. We seek to provide elegant and economical solutions to a plethora of such problems. An example of this is our recent work of the problem of digital projection of silent era films. The core technology on the digital projector, the DMD chip, having a minimum frame rate of twenty fps, apparently precluded the projection of sixteen fps, a ‘silent era’ standard rate. Our solution simply took advantage of the higher frame rate capabilities of the chip to ‘project’ the blank periods (shutters) of a conventional film projector . Thus a sixteen fps film may be actually projected, by the digital projector, at ninety-six ‘pulses’ while fairly accurately replicating the original silent era presentation. 

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