Standing Scenes for Imaging Apparatus Analysis

In the analysis of imaging apparatus for motion pictures, be it filmstocks, lenses, digital cinema cameras and the like, there is a need for standardized scenes and settings. 

Such scenes and settings have, among their principal requirements, visually interesting yet technically challenging image elements and, very importantly, the assurance that such scenes will be maintained in precise circumstances and condition year after year.

All such conditions are met by the dioramas produced by the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum. These dioramas provide lifelike reproductions in three dimensions of natural scenes from around the world. The scenes are superbly art directed to produce very engaging images and are made up from a combination of authentic artifacts, i.e. flora and fauna specimens taken from life, as well as superbly executed painted murals. The image elements are all that an imaging scientist could ask for; textures such as fur and vegetation, rock surfaces, snow surfaces, highlight and shadow, colour, the whole plethora of materials required to challenge imaging apparatus – presented in the most engaging scenes and maintained in pristine condition year after year.

Both the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum and the Pickfair Institute charitable educational institutions. It ought to be possible to make some sort of arrangement for the Institute to access this resource.