William’s Patent Interference Project

At the link below, you’ll find PDFs of Patent Interference case No. 52,327. It is a patent court document that details a dispute over who should receive the patent for composite imagery in film. It serves as a very important historical document that describes the birth of composite imagery in the early 1900s. 


At this link you will see three files: The raw scans of the case files received from the National Archives at Kansas city, a high resolution version of the document that has been restored for easier reading, and a lower resolution version of the restored file for faster downloading. Please note that all three files are extremely large and contain over 250 pages of scans. 

Additional documents:

Williams v. Handschiegl Court of Appeals Case


Article in “Transactions of the Society of Motion Pictures” about the new Handschiegl process


Article in “American Cinematographer” titled “New Photographic Process is Launched”


Obituary of Max Handschiegl in “Transactions of the Society of Motion Pictures”


Article in “The Film Daily” about Handschiegl’s patent